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Dremel Drill Press[edit]

submitted by Bruce Wehrle on 5/17/2016

See this link for the item:

I 3D printed the required parts and need the following to complete the item:

  • M3 bolts (and nuts): 30mm x 4, 25mm x 1, 20mm x 8, 16mm x 5.
  • Springs: 10mm inner diameter x 2.
  • Screws x 4 for fixing the base to some board or your bench.
  • LMU88 bearings x 4.
  • 5/16 or 8mm threaded rod: 15cm x 1, 10cm x 1.
  • Nuts for threaded rod: Regular nuts x 5 and lock nuts x 2 or, regular nuts x 6 and lock nuts x 1. 3 or 4 washers. Press fit a regular nut into the handle elbow and the gear.
  • 8mm smooth rod: 30cm x 4

You can get most of this from the hardware store in old Katy. You'll still need to order the bearings, M3 bolts / nuts, and possibly springs though. --Ross