Meeting minutes / assignments

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  • Bruce and Ken to talk, find out tips for creating nonprofit
  • Already an LLC, just need nonprofit
  • Need two entities?


  • Matt to bring back the Delta, Ross to coordinate assembly
  • Sat after next, Delta assembly event (10/15)
  • Fridays, board gaming (Bruce, first 10/14)
  • Retro video gaming night (Harry, Mondays)
  • Wood turning class (Richard, needs a stand for the lathe)
  • B&N mini maker faire (Harry to research Nov.5,6?)
  • Prep for Houston Mini Maker Faire (Nov. 12,13) What will we bring, how will we transport it, what giveaways do we want to start making ahead of time
  • Halloween idea: give out candy and have a craft for kids?

Makerspace projects[edit]

  • Shelves for monitors
  • Loft (far off, funding needed)
  • Matt to begin making CNC Halloween decorations
  • Website, request someone open the space (Ross)
  • Create robotics curriculum to shop to schools
  • Start looking into what it takes to work with schools


  • Harry to run Arduino class 22 Oct.