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The CNC machine at the Katy Makerspace is a blackToe 2'x4' donated by and is equipped with a Porter Cable 900 series router. We currently use LinuxCNC as the machine control software. It is best suited to milling wood, plastics, foam, and similar materials but can also mill light metals.


Safety should be a primary consideration when operating the CNC router. Consider that the CNC machine is designed to cut materials much harder than you are and to run without direct operator control. It does its cutting by spinning a sharpened piece of steel between 12,000 and 24,000 rpm, and then plunging this spinning steel into the work piece, sending shards flying in all directions. This is considered normal operation.

Approved materials[edit]

This machine can cut wood, plastic, foam, and light metals. Scrap wood is almost always freely available at the Makerspace on a first come first served basis; if you wa


How to go from an idea to a finished piece.


What do you need to do to keep the machine form breaking down? How often?